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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the last day of 2008

today is the last day of 2008
a lot of things happened in 2008
the biggest thing among all are i got into university
and the university is far from home
i need to learn how to stay alone

time past very fast, i am in second semester now
i make a lot of friends here
i enjoyed living alone nowadays
i still have a lot of things to learn

going to be 21 years old soon

time really past very fast

look back when i was young

now i am already near 21

i should be able to live independently

i should be able to make wise decision

i woke up very early in the morning today

maybe last night i slept too much

i woke up at 6.30am

and i lye on bed till 7.50am

this year is the first year i celebrate christmas without family

celebrate new year without family

celebrate birthday without family

and some chinese festival without family

i used to eat moon cake every year but not this year

i never eat even a piece of moon cake

i used to eat dumpling during the chinese month of 5

but not this year

i never work for so long during the year even after my spm

but this year i worked for 5 months after my stpm

a lot of things had changed this year

big things, small things.......

i did not do good job on year 2008

what i want now, i still not yet achieve

even some small things

maybe should say i did not work hard enough and be alert enough to get what i want?

erm..or what else?

but look back the time

it seems like i had wasted a lot of time

because my 2008 was quite empty

i need to do more and better in the coming 2009

haha..hope 2009 will bring me something new

and bring me something i want

yesterday in english class

i felt bored in the beginning of the class

but at the end of the class

i felt great

is really a great feeling that you know something that your class mate don't know

thanks for the debate club

my knowledge on certain things really improved a lot

i guess i will continue stay in

i think of leave debate club once

because of those lousy arrangement

and pointless arguements always happened

but it seems like those things not really related to me

and joining the club helped

so..so...just stay cool!!!

tonight i am going to have a stay in Sri pantai motel

because of the new year celebration

with few engineering campus students

luckily we sure have 5 ppl going

now seems like out of 10 people

3 of them are not going anymore from main campus

with some PARTICULAR reasons they have

luckily i had canceled a room last night

if not......

new year, new hope, new target, new energy

new friends, new things, new experiece

new people, even i wanted to make myself new

waiting for a brand new me.....

sad sad, old old go away........

happiness and new hope come near me :)

HAPPY 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHEER FRIENDS!!! may all your dream come true


weiwei said...

what PARTICULAR reason huh?hahahahha

cheryl said...

aiya..u know all the really PARTICULAR reason lo :P