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Monday, March 30, 2009


Things should not be like that !
Appreciation is a very important lesson in life
no matter in what aspect

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

before is vase and now is fresh prepared dishes

definition of vase : - only for display

definition of fresh prepared dishes :-
step to prepared :
1. observing for suitable "dish"
2. buy it with barter sistem :- your saliva, my "attention"
3. wait for the big day
4. time up, dishes can be served.

after served:- someone critic and said it cannot be eat and just left it rudely
- someone waiting for the chef to discuss the factor of the undelicious dishes

funny story after all.......
someone that did not get the grapes said the grapes are sour
"dishes" says :- wait for the "fresh" start

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i will be attending an AGM tonight
why every club have to have AGM?
actually i don't really believe in AGM results
it just basically let us get used to politics before we step into the society
actually is it in every AGM the board members are already fixed? ..i am wondering..
for certain clubs i guess it is
then actually AGM is just a dramatic scene to show everyone
"Yes, we have our new board members by VOTING."
nice to watch and nice to hear
but the truth, behind knows...
haha..rushing now to have dinner with my friend
will drop by soon

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sensitive > me

am i too sensitive sometimes?
i am thinking of how to change myself lately
i think i still have a lot to change
how can i be less dependent to others?
sometime too dependent is kinda irritating
and will become burden sometime
i don't want to become burden to anyone
i know you might not think that i am a burden
but when you get angry with me sometimes
i feel like i am a burden to you
there are times i think nonsense
i know i will be very disappointed and sad if you went off my life
i don't know how can i satisfied you
i get emotional easily sometimes
i hope you can understand my feelings well
at the same time i will try to understand you too
you always say i cannot understand certain thing
but actually i understand just i used to become the person that always have "priority" at home
i wish to become a priority for you too
you said i am but i felt that i am not
am i too sensitive?
i think i am
but this is who i am
how can i change to become a less sensitive people
i just wish things can be different sometimes
tones of work waiting for me now
i got headache again everyday
do you know that?
you always say you care for me, i felt it sometime
i felt it not sometime
..................................................Sensitve > ME..............................................

Saturday, March 14, 2009

something in my life

as my friend said i am very "good" in critisizing others
is not good to critisize right?
i think so not good
but sometime i just come out some cristizing words
haha..thats me :P

but one thing i now
when i am critisizing someone here
and there will be someone critisize me too
lately i found that she is not as bad as i think
maybe she just lack of some communication skill
she act fierce maybe she don't know how to communicate with students
or maybe in the bottom of her heart she want to hide something
maybe that is one kind of protection towards herself
she just express herself in a "unkind" way
that is my impression towards her now

i saw in my friend's profile
this is written in his profile
"in Love, there is someone who offer the cheek and someone who kisses the cheek"
yes, i felt that is very true
i won't offer my cheek or kiss someone cheek if i don't love that person
i like this phrase

next week i going to hand in 3 assignments
i dont 1 of it
still working hard on the other two
just "stealing" some time to write in an entry

sem end exam coming soon
two weeks later will be study week
after that i will have my exam
why the exam time for my co-course so weird this time?
the exam till 29th, i am going back on 30th
aiks..i should get a 29th one
cos everybody is going back on 29th :(
but no choice now, already booked the air ticket
first time fly from penang to kl
i think will feel very good because i save at least 3 hours and 15 minutes

submitted the form to become buddy lately
still waiting for the interview
but i heard that i need to come back earlier for the buddy stuff
aiks..already bought air ticket
hope i can excluded from this time activity if i success in the interview

Monday, March 9, 2009

nice trip

i had a nice trip last weekend
since there are 3 days continuous holidays because of prophets mohammad birthday
i went to langkawi with my friend

this trip is quite different than before
i went to places that are different than which i went before
first day, i reached the jetty at about 7.45am
the ferry was 8.15am
so after got the ticket i went to the jetty and get the ferry
i reached there at about 11.00am
it was a very long journey in the ferry
felt so tired
after reached the hotel
got some rest then went out to underwater world which is just 15 minutes walk from the hotel
this is the schedule for first day

second day, i got car rental
then drove to gunung machincang
on the way, stopped by harbour park and have lunch
around half an hour
reached gunung machincang
the cable car is really quite expensive
aiks..i forgot to bring my mykad
so have to pay rm30 for the ticket
but when reached up the mountain
wow..feel like in genting
nice view up there
i never been so cool in langkawi
after that, went to the seven wells
long long walked :(
reached the waterfall but nothing there
only the same view as i seen on gunung machincang
around 6pm, went back to hotel to bath
then drove again to town and shopping
around 9.45pm drove back to shop and return the car
stupid car rental store said wanna fined rm20 because we late for 20 minutes
we argued for a while
finally i won
raining, but have to walked back to hotel
luckily is not too far
at the entrence of the road to hotel
there is a restaurant
have dinner there
nice food..better than what i ate for the first day
getting tired
reached hotel
the end of second day

third day...
in the morning, went to the sea and swim
the sun was really hot
after than went to the mall near underwater wolrd again to buy some chocolate
then called taxi to fetch to jetty point again
ate lunch there, then online at starbucks and wait for the ferry
not happy because going to leave
:( time up, went to ferry
sleep for a while
very nice one
went to the dashboard of the ferry and enjoyed the beautiful of sunset
its only 4 minutes
the sunset makes me feel
beautiful and happy time gone in a blink of eyes
and after all the nice thing
we have to come to the cruel reality again

is a sad sad night for me

wish i could have chance again soon

have lots of nice pic..bt don't know why couldn't upload