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Friday, December 12, 2008

i love vampire

today i went to klcc and watched a very nice movie
i thought i wont meet any friend in klcc
shit!! while i am waiting my friend, i met UKM debators..
and i met yoong xiang also..
so long time did not meet him..suddenly met him today
i met jie jie on the way to the movie
met so many ppl in one day
first time.
hm..the movie is really so so so nice
touching, laughing, romance...
everything inside..
i love this movie so much
it is twilight
aboout human and vampires
if i could meet a vampire like Edward Gullen in the movie someday
i will not care whether is he a vampire.....


Shin L said...

hi hi yin yin! I want to watch twilight toooooo but exams next week how sad T_T

cheryl said...

hey..yes..damn nice la the movie..i love it so much..haha...i bought the book somemore...erm ..sorry for late reply the comment...i did not log in for some time