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Sunday, December 28, 2008

crazy saturday (27/12/08)

my friend and i had planned to go to tanjung bungah
we departed from school happily early in the morning
we took bus from school to komtar
at komtar we took a blue bus and went to tanjung bungah
i asked the bus driver to called me when reached tanjung bungah station
lol...at last we reached BATU FERRINGHI..
ok...is ok.......at least our destination is beach
we walked along the road and tried to walk to tanjung bungah
but there is a road which is quite dangerous
so after we took lunch
we take a bus
we planned to go toy museum
we asked the driver again to called us when reached toy museum
FINALLY, we passed the station again and the driver did not ask us to go down
hahahaha...hm...i asked someone in the bus and knew the way to thai temple
yes..finally..we went to thai temple and vietnam temple
is a lousy journey we have
but quite good experience
and i had explored some place
good start for my planning backpacking journey
hehe....i have fun and that is the first time i walked like that to place to place
i felt great !!

P.S : dont know whats wrong with my connection or maybe blogger, i couldn't upload pictures.
i will upload it on the coming post.

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