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Friday, January 2, 2009

new year eve

great, special new year eve i had this year
my friends and i went to tanjung bungah for new year eve celebration this year
is not really a celebration
just because the day after is new year
so we used 'this opportunity' to have fun
i booked a motel in tanjung bungah
hm..amazing...really just beside the sea.....
nice nice nice
that night we planned to go batu ferringghi to see the night view there
but we waited for quite long already still cannot find any bus
so just back to our motel
before that we ate in the hawker stall in front of our motel first
then time up....!!!!! HAppy new year!!!!
firework can heard everywhere
then we rush to see firework
after that we went to seaside to walk
nice feeling
there are quite a number of people at the beach
some people playing firework at the beach
very nice
and very close
we can see the firework
after that
we went back to the motel
and bathe
and after that play truth or dare
i don't really like this game honestly
maybe because i don't like to be honest
we did not sleep for whole night
till morning sleep for a while
my firend and i went to beach wanna see sun rise in the morning
kinda stupid
because our direction is we can only see sun set
the seaside is feezing cool in the morning
but there are still some people running at the beach
then we went back to room
and continue to sleep
around 12pm
we go to seaside again to walk for a while
after that
we all felt hungry
and planned to eat at near the motel
there is nothing to eat in the morning
then we went back to the motel again
and packed
and prepared to check out
hm hm....
our next destination
taken our breakfast + lunch at gruney plaza
then we watch movie
we watched 'YES MAN'
funny movie
haha...laugh laugh laugh
then around 8 something i reached my hostel
come back to my hostel again
don't know why suddenly felt very down
erm...i think i should know the reason but i am trying to fun away from the reason
after a while i slept

everything was very very nice
i had a very nice new year eve
with all my crazy friends
haha..thanks all
wish good things will come one by one :)


Ping Ping said...

hey...at least u had a fun new year celebration...this year I resort to a more family-friendly ones and not get jammed up on the road with the rest of the people.

I guess I grew out of it. Too old to celebrate in such manner. =P

cheryl said...

there is never too old for me la...hehe..even when i am 80 years old i will think of some stuff for new year...haha...never get old, get new every year :P

glassiebottle said...

yer...so shuang...next time we go together a ^.-

cheryl said...

sure sure..if wana go..tell me earlier..another motel near there lagi murah..haha..and i think nice also