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Sunday, December 28, 2008

one more thing

i just read say ee's blog
and found out i left out something i want to write hehe
that day we went kek lok si (25/12/08)
i got a draw
overall is a quite good draw i think

on 27/12/08 saturday
i accidentally went to thai temple
and draw at the fortune teller machine
OMG !! unexpected, i got the almost exactly same explaination of the draw i got in kek lok si
hm....seems like the coming year might be the good year for me
hope it will be a good year!!!
i will become 21 soon !!!!


Ping Ping said...

hey!!!!! I'll be 21 too!! Soon... =P Just being lame here. Be happy my dear. Life is worth more than grumpy face and foul mood.

Stellarwind said...

yer..i hate ppl said will b 21 soon de la..bcz im sooner than u!!!
bt nvm la,my soul stil vry young,15 oni..keke