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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fun Fair (22/12/08)

i went to fun fair when i was very young

its been long long time i did not go to fun fair

there is a pesta penang on going now

since i had went to sg nibong for the bus ticket on cny

so, waiting, waiting for two hours for the fun fair to open

haha..the fun fair open at 6pm-12pm

i went to get the entrence ticket at 6pm

feeling quite excited because is really long long time i did not go for fun fair

but when i reach inside

my god..nothing one

just some malay stall selling food, dress and etc

erm..but there are exhibitions and we just walk around

luckily till night..finally we saw EURO wheel, space shoot...bla bla bla

feel excited when saw all that

especially saw some stall having those fun fair game like lucky number, shooting..........

haha...want to change for tokens to play

swt....the token so expensive

1 token = rm2

wow..i still remember when i was young my parents brought me to fun fair it was only 1 token = rm1 or even cheaper....

is just some small game..why so so expensive?

finally i only changed for 2 tokens and played a game

hehe..i got two key chains as a reward for throwing the rings....

after that we walked around again

and we went to the mini garden


there is a orang utan inside

hahahahaha....i touched the orang utan

first time ever..the fur so rough but the hand look alike humans'

at around 9pm we took bus and back to our school

i enjoyed it and have fun!!!!!


P.S : i tried to upload many times the pictures but i couldn't upload. i don't know what happened..i will post the picture later

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