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Sunday, December 28, 2008

is 3am in the morning (29/12/08)

rain outside the window
the weather is cold

sometimes i think i am stupid
because of some stupid acts
but for me those acts are what i want
i said it is stupid because ppl will think it is stupid
do i need to care so much about what people think?
or i just need to follow what i like?

is 3 in the morning now
and i am still awake
i am sleepy
but i don't feel like sleeping yet
because i still have a lot to write and a lot to say
tomorrow is a holiday again
sometimes holiday makes me think
think of something that i had done before
think of something that i want to do
think of something that i wish to have
think of something that i already have
do something that i want to do

i guess sometimes i should not think too much
and just do it whatever i want
thinking too much will make things fail sometimes
but not thinking will always give regrets

so, what can i do?

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