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Monday, January 5, 2009

should i tell?

i have something in my heart for quite some time already
should i tell it out?
i am struggling that whether i should tell it out
i scared it will leave a scar
sometimes we can't see anything from surface
but..actually..inside might be bleeding or.....
disguising is not a good feeling
but still have to disguise
is this what called life?


Sueyin said...

No man is perfect as everybody ought to make mistakes . some realise their mistake and change their attitude , but some remain the same as the live in their own fantasy . Words are silence weapon . But do we really need to care so much about it ? As we can choose to live in our own way. So , everything , just laugh it off. Have a good laugh by assuming all of those things are bull shit !! Com'on , life still have to go on , look upon you , the stars are smiling at u , there are still too much things to discover in this wonderful world ~ ^^

cheryl said...

yes, thats why i had made a decision to keep silent