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Monday, January 12, 2009

omg...so many assignments

omg..so so many assignments suddenly..
hm hm....have to rush rush rush
not feeling very well lately somemore
just need to plus oil plus oil
today need to find transposition, modulation and synonymy examples from my dear pride and prejudice book
ahh...need to present it on wednesday..
pray pray pray...
hope i got to find it later when i go back to hostel
5pm to 7pm still have to attend a class..
so so regret to join the club...
Community service
but never go out and serve the community
and they planned to cheat sponsor somemore
they want some companies to sponsor them for annual dinner
and where to find such stupid company to give them free dinner?
so they planned to think of something related to 'charity' like invite some orphan or old folks to join the dinner
haiz...is this called community service?

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