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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i wish to see my future suddenly..i wish so much to see it

i wish so so much to see my future now
i scare i am doing the wrong things now
i don't know is it stupid to do this
chinese new year passed very fast
i am going back to ipoh tomorrow
tiring journey will start soon
i am used to the days without you
but i just feel very sad suddenly cos i will be far from you again
still in the same pieces of land but it is far
why life have to be like this?
i am tired of studying and passing day by day like this
can i have something that i wish to hold it in my hand forever?
i don't want to change anything
i just want to maintain what it was before
changing makes me feel uncomfort
it seems like these days i had back to someone i used to be
i found back who i really is
i was lost for sometimes
i lost my identity for quite a long time
now i am back
thanks for bringing me back
i hope i can freeze the happiest time i ever had

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