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Friday, January 9, 2009

debate BBQ

went to a BBQ tonight
it was the best BBQ i ever had
haha...previously i went twice to my friend's house for BBQ, this is the best among those
the BBQ i had before is quite messy
we BBQ at N-park
the place is really nice
the wind is nice
the pools is nice
all kind of pools there
we played cards game on the pool side till 12 something
after that the guard asked us to leave because we are not allowed to be there after 12am
then, sai mon fetched us to gurney's mcd
lol..we misunderstood the place
the seniors wanted to go a place called Greenlane, Mcd
hm...we been lost for almost half an hour i guess
finally we reached, is around 1.30am already
we continue the card game
the losers got some very funny and embarrassing punishment
around 2.30am, finally i reached my hostel
hm..but i had fun and enjoy although i was tired
is 3.20am now..and i guess i will sleep soon...

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