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Thursday, February 26, 2009

i have a bad day

today is the first time i been scold by a lecturer so so badly
feel very very unhappy now
i heard everyone said she is a biased teacher
after i heard that i already getting be careful when she is teaching
i don't really believe in the beginning but day by day
i think i HAVE TO believe it
she just scold scold scold scold in every lesson
scold more than teach
always make students feel bad
i don't know how others think but she really make me feel bad
and i refuse to attend her class
i attend because i have no choice
we are just like primary student that just started the second level of a language
why she want to scold scold scold instead of tried to teach us and correct our mistake?
now i know which one is better
is it a mistake i had taken japanese as minor?
i don't really like it at the beginning, but since Rika sensei is very good, i feel like the subject is still ok for me
but....aiks...second half of this semester is just like shit
i really scared i will get very bad grade this time
two weeks later will have an interview with the "pronounciation queen"
i already done not that good in the last interview
i scare this time i will be worst because she makes me think that
she hates me so much
she cant even pronounce the "h" well
but she still crictic on our pronounciation
omg....how long i still have to stand with this fucker?
she really makes me want to scold her with bad word
is it she is in pre-menopause or what?
she argue with her husband everyday?
or is she married?
almost the end of last semester
i feel better with japanese
but now.......
it's complicated
pls pray for my sem end exam
i hope i wont get bad grade for japanese
yeah..one more thing..
i hope "someone" (i guess ppl who are reading this will know who is that) can tell me through what mistake i had made during the discussion
i know is my responsible for my own mistake
you can blame me after the presentation
but we are learning together right?
so i hope you can tell me my mistake during the discussion but not blaming me after the presentation
if you mind that because my mistake i had made the group get scolded, then i apologize.


Ping Ping said...

chill... =)) Well, you've come this far. Don't give up now. I know that such teachers are PITA (pain in the ass). I have a fair share of mine too. Just try your best to ignore them. And improve urself to show them that they are wrong!!! I enjoy doing that to teachers who dislike me. I hate it when they look down on me. =P Stubborn as a bull. =P

cheryl said...

haha..thanks for the encouragement ya..but hm..just angry for a while then after that will ok de la..but one more thing is after school one particular groupmate lo..i guess u know who is that..i same group with wei wei..u guess the other one

Sueyin said...

LOL.... pity you

the lecturer certainly fucked your life

Audrey said...

This sem going to end very soon!
Ur rita sensei will be back in a blink of an eye!

cheryl said...

haha..hope so she came back earlier...ms khu, is rika la..not rita..hahahahaha