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Sunday, October 5, 2008

another gloomy week

yea...i just came back to usm after the Hari Raya break. is only a one week break but a lot of things happened. there are happy things and unhappy things for sure. last last sunday was the happiest sunday i ever had. i coincidently have a date with him and yea...i thought it was just simply a date with movies and meals but it was more than that. i did not expect anything from him at the beginning. but after that date, i think that i have some good feeling on him. i started to get nearer to him but the unlucky things happened. whenever i want to get closer, i felt that i became farer. now, i am far from distance and even heart. i miss him so much but he never know it and he wont appreciate everything i did. i dont know what happened to me. i felt myself very bad. i am not loyal to anyone untill i met him. but the loyalty to him useless. he did not even give me any news from him. i rather remain relationship like before. i dont know. i just like him even he just ignore me. help me!!!!!!!!! how to get out of this? now i trying to concentrate on my study and forget about him. hm..yea..i think coming back to usm and started to study is a good thing for me and is a chance for me to forget him. but in deep deep of my heart i still missing him a lot and hope to meet him once again. yea..starting this week i must not think too much about him anymore. i swear.......................

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