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i am studying in university science malaysia penang campus now. trying to enjoy my university life. hoping everything will get better soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


yea..i think i will learn to stand up today..not to depend on you anymore..actually..i used to live without you..why i suddenly need you so much? so i think i will learn not to lean on you too much..study is the most important thing for me now..the person i want to find now is who have same vision as me..i want to travel all around the world and help poor people and do some charity work all around the work and sometime work with pay..i hope to find someone like that in the future. hm hm hm...today is a happy day because my japanese class cancelled..hahaha..and i finished my class at 1pm..so so happy..get back to hostel and rest and eat...lol..eat again..everyday eat eat eat..will become fat very soon..hm hm..today is a new start for me and a new beginning..i hope i will be shinning...

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