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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i am crazy

yes..i think i am getting crazy..think nonsense everyday...dont know what i am thinking...hm hm...everyday just fool around like a fool..today i got very bad result in the quiz that i did last two weeks..my god...i dont know how to face the final that will be coming on the end of the year..i am so scare about that...everytime i get quite bad result in quiz..i feel very stress...and sometime i really dont know what i am thinking....i hope to get something but i just cant get it...hm hm hm..mayb sometimes ''can meet but cannot force'' that is what a phrase in chinese said...hm hm...haiz..my heart feel quite jealous bout something but is stupid if i tell it out...haha..so just let it pass..i believe in better in time..

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