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Thursday, October 9, 2008

everyday is a happy day since monday

i have a very happy monday. is the happiest day since i came to penang. i done well in my presentation. i was so happy about that. and another happy thing is..yes..finally i got it..thanks to my grandmother for everything. because that day i went to her grave and tell her to help me in two things. and she really did. i feel so thankful to her. but one thing very sad is i did not go back when she pass away. i feel very guilty about that. and i also feel something more guilty. during chinese new year 2008, i went back to my grandmother house as usual. but the different is i dont know why when i when i reached there i just keep crying and dont feel like staying there. i cry a lot. and my mom scold me and said, sure something bad will happened this year. where got ppl cry like this in chinese new year. i really did not think of my grandmother will pass away so fast. yea she is old and she was sick but she getting healthy. i really did not think of she will pass away in this year. my mom was so sad. and i feel so guilty. because it seems my fault since i was crying during the chinese new year. is not a good sign for chinese ppl, should not be crying in chinese new year.......thanks my grandmother that help me realise my dream, not the whole of my dream but still thanks because already realised half of it. hope she rest in peace in heaven.

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