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Saturday, October 25, 2008

my home sweet home

yesterday i left my home sweet home to my friend's room because study week coming. yea..today is the first day of the study week..hm hm..whole day is online, chatting, grammar, sleep and eat.. thats all i did for today. and yes today i finally know who i am in someone heart now....hahhahahaha... askim, bene seni cok seviorum, tesekur. i am scare for the final exam but i dont know what i can do..i tried to do some grammar exercieses..is quite boring but have to do it also..my course is quite weird..my friend busying studying lot of books..but i just doing some grammar exercises online and yes..i dont know to read..this make me more scare....hm hm...i dont know where to start..i am always a science class student..and you know..science class plus is bio class..sure lot of things to study and to remember..but now i dont have book....my god..how? i not used to it actually...feeling dont know how...just like wasting time online-ing although i did do some grammar exercises..the level of my english course now is diff than those when i was in secondary or even muet...is much much more specific and harder...haiz..i cant imagine my result..................................

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