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Saturday, November 22, 2008

i want to go home!! i want to have a trip !!!!

my friend came to penang two days ago, i supposed to be happy right? although my last day of exam is on 21, i still very happy because can enjoy after the exam..but after everything planned well, there are some changes. we suddenly been told that we will be having Royal's dabate training. oh my god!! i lost my holiday. i supposed to have a very nice holiday with my friends..but..the debate trainining just ruined it. yesterday, so many surprises me n say ee got. lol...kumari and kar ee supposed to be coming to usm by the morning but...kumari's hp spoiled and they both standing at same area but did not see each other. weird weird weird!! they have to waste again rm35.10 to buy the new ticket and then come here.. stories continue............suprise not finsih yet....around 4 something in the evening...we got the call from them said that they went down at Butterworth..my god...luckily there is ferry for them to get back here..yea..finally they reached usm...today they left usm...so so so so jealous because they can have time to enjoy..i need to stay in usm till 28th of november..so so so sad..i dont want..everyday do the "wu liao" training..i m not debator, i am just adjuricator...aiks..training for what? as long as i have ears to listen and i have mouth to give comment then everything should be no problem..i still need to train for 5 days....argh argh argh!!! i want to go home i want to go trip. :( so so sad....very very very down.....have to sleep at a strange place somemore..i dont like the feelings..they said that 26th can go back to kl..then yesterday morning told us 27th then yesterday night told us 28th...haiz..what the fuck?? ok fine..after last night meeting...the seniors have a very funny arguement..lol..i dont know...as they like...but they are fighting for a plce of debator...hm..finally solved with fair selection that will be hold on 24th nov...i had a funny and dumpy and unhappy yesterday...!!!!!


Audrey said...

same same la
sikit2 pun nak argue
dunno wats the point

Stellarwind said...

aijio.. Trip without you and say ee will never b flawless!! I admit i was fun,but it will be extremely fun if you two got join.. Dun worry,nw think bout Malacca ba..