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Friday, November 7, 2008

hahaha..HBT 100

lol..first time i translate poem in my entire life..thanks to the course for giving me the chance to translate a poem..thanks for my mom and dad for borne me out so that i can take this paper...hahaa...i think i getting crazy lately..hm hm hm...haha...yea..exam time should be crazy...today paper is not as hard as i think because i still can understand the question just i dont know the answer..everything i studied in the study week..yea..came out one question..better than nothing right..the books i studied in study week can be equal to the amount of books i study in whole 20 years..lol....yea..i dont like to read books...except those book that needed..so give a big clap to me..cos i read a lot and yea..first time in my life i translated a poem..and it is like shit..

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