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Saturday, November 1, 2008

feelings 1/11/2008 (Saturday)

Don’t know what to write actually. Hm….just suddenly not really in a very good mood. Yea..this is called mood. My friend told me yesterday mood came without reason, emotion came with reasons. But actually I know what is the reason. I don’t know why I will have such feeling. I know I will live in suffer if I have such feelings. Hm…just that I can’t control. Every time I heard that I don’t know why I will feel unhappy. Maybe I am feeling jealous to you. Yes, you always become the attention of everyone. When I walk with you I feel that I am so little and people will only look at you because you were so tall. When I walk with you, I lost my self-confidence. Yea we are very good friend and everyone sees us as very good friend. I admit that. But I know this is just my own problem. I think I have to change my mind set. These few days, all day study study study..i never become so hardworking before this. I am still scare. I feel myself inside were empty. Not even a single word in my mind. I scare I will lose. Exam coming soon..two more days to go…I have not time to waste. But I feel very bad because yea, I don’t like study. I wish to go back kl as soon as possible. I wish 21st come faster. I wish I could do my best and strive for the best. But..i think except study, praying will be a very important part too. I will pray in my heart every night. Exam is stressful……..i scare exam..i love exam..i hate exam….

ps: i thought of wanna edit a bit, but never mind la..let the si 8 po know la

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