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Monday, September 15, 2008


i do have a japanese blog in blogger but i still prefer writing it in english but since that is compulsory for my course so i just did it. hm..today finally release some of my stress cos finally everything stop for a while. sometimes is tiring to repet the same things every week. one of my friend told me that day that he going to leave malaysia because he had a sad memory here. but i was too too sad to hear that then i keep crying crying crying. he promised me to stay but today he broke his promise, he said he going to leave soon, i am in library when i got this news and i still cannot hold my tears and cry. i dont know why i will become like this cos i know this friend not very long and he is my senior. i really dont know why i will become like that. i cried so hard that day so that he could stay. i dont know what happened to me. i just dont want him to leave me..but now he going to leave. what should i do? i already beg him for not leaving but he still leaving soon. very soon. he said he going to leave next week. i hope he will change his mind. saturday i saw rainbow, i was so happy because i seldom saw rainbow. some people said rainbow brings luck to us. but for me now i dont think so. it mayb make me happy but not bring luck. on sunday that my friend told me he will be leaving. this is my first english blog here. i hope someone read it and drop me comments. when i have time again i will drop in blog again.

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