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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


tuesday is always a busy day for me. i had english grammar class in the morning since i am doing translation and interpretation course. in the afternoon i have japanese class. and in the evening i have english class. luckily the teacher is quite handsome if not it will be too too boring to attend english class my god. today when the beginning of our english class is asked us to do free writting. at the moment i just write everything i have in my mind. and you are the one that appear in my mind. i dont know why you appear quite frequent in my mind, you made me cry, you made me smile. you appear more often than my boyfriend. i dont know why will become like this. i know you for not too long but you care me more than him. the only thing he can do is make me smile and make me angry sometimes. i started to confuse who is my boyfriend. cos i will be more comfortable while talking to you. but he loves me so much although sometimes we talk something stupid. but actually i also dont know whether he loves me or not because i only know his loves for me from his mouth, he seldom do any action. but i do feel your care. i love the way you care of me. i love the way you talk to me. i love the way you accompany me. is this mean i love you? i am not sure. i dont know what should i do now. but i wont let all this stuff affect my study. study is the most important things to me now. LOVE is the second thing in my life now. i wil become happier each time i express out my feelings.

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