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Saturday, February 28, 2009

thank you

thank you Wen Ding for today cos accompany me walk here and there just to get my ferry ticket, thank you very much

there is nothing fair in this world, is it true?

after i had give up on something, will i get back something as replacement?

Life is too short to allow me to think too much

Life is too short to have too much miserable things

Life is too short to let me hate someone

but, there are still too much to think of, too many miserable things happened and someone to hate

Is everything happening now is a dream?

will i wake up someday and lost everything?

i thought i will be better today, but i still feeling very "bu gan xin" because of the debate club stuff

but, who knows my leaving will be a good thing for me

i know even if i stay there i will not have chance

no chance to be who i want to be

am i convincing myself that leaving is correct?

At the end of the day, is actually just between you and me.

So, should i care?

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