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Monday, March 9, 2009

nice trip

i had a nice trip last weekend
since there are 3 days continuous holidays because of prophets mohammad birthday
i went to langkawi with my friend

this trip is quite different than before
i went to places that are different than which i went before
first day, i reached the jetty at about 7.45am
the ferry was 8.15am
so after got the ticket i went to the jetty and get the ferry
i reached there at about 11.00am
it was a very long journey in the ferry
felt so tired
after reached the hotel
got some rest then went out to underwater world which is just 15 minutes walk from the hotel
this is the schedule for first day

second day, i got car rental
then drove to gunung machincang
on the way, stopped by harbour park and have lunch
around half an hour
reached gunung machincang
the cable car is really quite expensive
aiks..i forgot to bring my mykad
so have to pay rm30 for the ticket
but when reached up the mountain
wow..feel like in genting
nice view up there
i never been so cool in langkawi
after that, went to the seven wells
long long walked :(
reached the waterfall but nothing there
only the same view as i seen on gunung machincang
around 6pm, went back to hotel to bath
then drove again to town and shopping
around 9.45pm drove back to shop and return the car
stupid car rental store said wanna fined rm20 because we late for 20 minutes
we argued for a while
finally i won
raining, but have to walked back to hotel
luckily is not too far
at the entrence of the road to hotel
there is a restaurant
have dinner there
nice food..better than what i ate for the first day
getting tired
reached hotel
the end of second day

third day...
in the morning, went to the sea and swim
the sun was really hot
after than went to the mall near underwater wolrd again to buy some chocolate
then called taxi to fetch to jetty point again
ate lunch there, then online at starbucks and wait for the ferry
not happy because going to leave
:( time up, went to ferry
sleep for a while
very nice one
went to the dashboard of the ferry and enjoyed the beautiful of sunset
its only 4 minutes
the sunset makes me feel
beautiful and happy time gone in a blink of eyes
and after all the nice thing
we have to come to the cruel reality again

is a sad sad night for me

wish i could have chance again soon

have lots of nice pic..bt don't know why couldn't upload

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