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Friday, May 1, 2009

finally home sweet home

i reached home yesterday at around 8 something
i should be reached home much much early
aiks..taking plane is not a very good idea
the plane from 4.05pm delay until 5.30pm
although reaching kl is faster but aiks..need to wait wait wait at airport..
my heart just wanna go back faster but still have to wait
the feelings irritated me
but was too too happy and excited when i saw my mom
she touch my face while she saw me
i think she also too long didnt see me
my mom and dad was so happy too
haha..first time saw them so happy
studying in uni is not really a wonderful thing
i have to stay far from home but....
i love my home very much
i miss home dishes so so so much
i never appreciate what my mom cooked before
but now i hope to eat it everyday
and i miss american idol as well
miss to watch it every week
i miss everything at home
but the relaxation will only last for two months
i wish i no need to go back anymore
............finding job now.......


Ping Ping said...

awwwwwww...dun u miss me????come back k??? =)))

cheryl said...

lol..sure got miss ma...will come back de..dont worry