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Friday, May 29, 2009

Genting trip (28/5/09)

i went to Genting yesterday. unexpected cold. 
colder than the last time i went there. 
is kinda weird to see this fenomena because it is damn hot on the ground(KL).
just went there to walk around and enjoy they freezy cold wind. 

there is a free shuttle now from highland hotel to a temple named Tsin Swee Temple. 
We went there for a vegetarian meal.  
After that we look around the temple, it has been changed a lot. 
A very special place i would like to bring up here is the explanation in about life in HELL. 
About life after death and what punishment for human which did wrong things. 


glassiebottle said...

ei? where is the temple a...never go before

cheryl said...

aiyo..the lim goh tong grave yard there la..is at "ban shan" (half mountain) de..