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Monday, April 20, 2009


i don't believe it when i heard people talking about it
i thought it was nothing so miracle about it
but i was wrong after i read the book "The Secret"
omg...it really come true
i did some small experiments on it
it really came true

so at last is really between me and the universe
nothing much to worry about
just think for what i want and work for it

the Genie said "Your wish is my command"
so do the universe
is that true?
better to believe it than not
because the world are full of miracles

wahahahhahha!!! Nice book!!
wanna get the copy of DVD
wanna start do a vision board for myself
my visionssss here i come
wish me success :P


Darlene Siddons said...

yes, the Secret is for real, visualization really, really works...and if you are thinking of making a vision board...good for you!!!!....you can even take it one step further and get a vision map video, if you have any questions just contact me...i encourage you to start your visualizations NOW!!!


Dreams,Memories,Stories,Thoughts said...

got one hot fans of Secret here to reaffirm that the power of secret.haha. For me,I will put it in this way.Law of attractive is rather a kind of confidence.You strongly believe something that you can do,then most of the time u got it.However,it is hard to predict as we never know God.something which is unbelievable can happen in a sudden!

Dreams,Memories,Stories,Thoughts said...

haha,mistaken.should be Law of Attraction