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Monday, January 31, 2011

Dialogue between two character- Sense of humor

John is a joker among his friends. He always likes to joke around with his friends and that makes him famous in school and people likes to be with him because he always brings happiness.

One day, there is a new student (who is a joker as well at his formal school) and ask John :"Can you make me laugh with only a phrase?"
"Of course. There are many jokes with only one phrase. But i scared that you won't understand," John replied.
"LOL! I don't understand? You must be joking!" he said.

Lesson from the joke : People that able to use their sense of humor are smart. They can make others less caution and by accident, others might just agree that he is smarter.

Joke of the day

An African American leader is giving speech about emancipation of African to a group of whites : "Ladies and gentleman! It is not so much about to give speech as i am standing here, but it is more to i added some "color" to this occasion."
After the speech, audience laughed and applause.

Lesson from the joke : He started the speech with a joke and that minimized the seriousness of the topic, and the difference between races that caused argument disappear in the laughter. This is an effective interpersonal skill.

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