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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I changed or?

i knew since when i started to feel there is something wrong between us
i just can't find back the feeling like we used to be
i miss the old time when we were together laughing and non-stop talking
i think i changed
i think you changed too

i knew now you are great, greater than me in everything
Our standard getting different?
I felt bad with your words sometime
even when some small words will touch my feeling
i not dare to sit down and talk to you
because i think will end up getting worst
and i have that thinking because i tried to talk to you
and that is the time our relationship getting worst i think

i miss it when we talked without hesitate
i miss it when we laughing together
i miss it when we talk some mean words to each other
i miss everything between us

But time so cruel
it faded our relationship
and because we live in different circle
we become different
i can't find anymore common point between us
i can't find a topic to talk anymore between us
i even felt awkward when i see you sometime

i hate the feeling that we aren't same anymore

Hoping that things will back to before again
like we used to be


ETERNITY said...

Dnt feel sad!! it is not ur's or his fault anyway!! But u must remember one thing, love is not about joy or laugher but also about growth of both side. young plp used to concentrate on joy and put their full feeling into it. However, like u can see, when the joy faded, the feeling also faded!! Put more ur feeling on growth instead!

cheryl said...

it is not about love. it is for a friend. i hope that friend understand it.