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Monday, November 23, 2009

Too peaceful?

coming back to home
everything seems so peaceful
i am not that kind of person that like really peaceful feeling
i like noise i like to be with a lot of ppl
of maybe two people when just me and him :P

this time is weird,
i felt weird that i am already at home
i felt weird that very soon i am leaving Malaysia
and start an adventure in a brand new place that i never been
not even been to some countries near there :P

i should miss my family a lot
but it turn out to be weird
the feeling to be home is just not the feeling like before?

i had changed a little i guess
but now getting used to it and the feeling coming back
still enjoy to be with my mom
shopping, making some weird dishes that i learnt from magazines
online-ing and etc...
nothing much to do at home actually
just relaxing all the time and i don't really feel like going anywhere

my heart and my mind just missing *** now


Audrey said...

I also feel weird to be home...don't know why

cheryl said...

hahahaha..maybe we are out too long. and we used to live by ourselves. but is just this time i felt weird. :( dont know why too