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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why already last week for the semester still so many assignments?

wow..i thought i am so free
but actually i am damn busy
i have free time to watch drama, to play game, to write blog, to sleep
in life there is always but (this is what dr. harjit always like to say :P)
i don't have time for revisions and assignments

Still have 3 assignments to go
How the fuck i should complete my macromedia director?
No one using director nowadays
And everyone is using flash
why we should stepping backward and do the things that people don't do now?

Life is so so so miserable sometime
as i said there is always a but
full of surprise


Audrey said...

*high 5*
yeah...director is soooooo going to doom. damn

cheryl said...

lol...yours is quite ok la..u do it alone k? mine one is a mess and shit...damn scare how the result will be when it is out..hope so no need to retake