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Friday, October 9, 2009

Very very moody suddenly


i became so so so moody suddenly :(

felt like the world only left me alone

no confident at all

don't even dare to look at people face to face

Always peeping someone at behind

Really no confident at all

Why i am not the pretty one?

Why i am not the smart one?

There are just too many why in my mind

I am just a fatty and dumpy

That makes people feel irritate

Nobody will like me

Today, i still feel the same

I hate this feeling :(


Stellarwind said...

y recently u so moody???


dun lk tis la

cheryl said...

ok ok..got one paragraph left off le. my post dont know why. :( after write out will feel ok le

My Dream is my Life... said...

Hey.. y so emo? don't think to much.. your friends here is always for u..

cheryl said...

i m fine. dont worry.. is just emo sometime :P