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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its been long time

Its been long time i didn't update my blog
really long long time ago
since i went to Switzerland
i didn't update it.. :)

I was having too fun time there.
Miss there so much.
Now, back to Malaysia, problems came, that's why i am here to drop a word or two.

just felt that things never go smooth since i came back
Or maybe should say i didn't view things in another view
I felt everything is so unsure now
i know i am selfish cos i never stand on his situation to think
and i am selfish because i just thinking of myself
i only know how to give pressure
but does he know that i also having pressure now, that's why i ask every time?

I am also suffering
why i am not rich? IF i am, then i need not to think so much and take a flight and i will reach there again in a day.
i know his condition now is not so good as well, but i really want to see him so so much.
I miss so much the days i spent with him.
I miss so much the little room where we used to laugh, cry, crazy, shout, angry and all kind..
Now, because of distance, problems can't be solve so easily
I really in fear and worry now
Because i have too many unsure in my heart..
I felt so insecure you know? Nils..
Can you give me an answer and show me your confident that you can do it?
I am also having hard time here..

I hate waiting, i hate missing
Will i see him again?
this is the questions in my mind now..
I wish Santa brings me a present this year...

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