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Sunday, June 28, 2009

MJ's death

MJ gone!!
everybody was shock with his sudden death.
he is a legendary dancer.

i am not really his fans, but i felt a little sad also about his death.
my mom likes him, that's why i know him.

i read storis about him this morning, and the stories behind the great him are really touching my heart
i should be feeling lucky that i had great childhood
i do think that his father is really cruel, take away the time that his children should be playing in playground, eating ice-cream and running on the field .......

but, in the other point of view, if his father doesn't treat him or the rest of the children "cruely",
will he become the Michael Jackson that we knew today?
the moonwalker, the amazing lean in smooth criminal, all the iconic dance........


Elru said...

maybe if his father doesnt treat him cruelly mj will not have mental problems and mite still b alive T_T

cheryl said...

but u might not know who is him today..anyway no one can predict future...his life is fantastic enough..his life is so wonderful than many ppl out there..at least whole world know who is MJ